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Fleckney War Memorial

Fleckney War Memorial Tablet

Fleckney’s memorial to the dead of both World Wars is sited in St Nicholas Church. With the 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War in November 2018, the Fleckney History Society have been researching the names of those who lost their lives during the 1914-1918 conflict and below are brief details of their findings. A much more comprehensive folder of information is held at Fleckney Library (

In several cases it has proved impossible to establish a direct link with Fleckney and there are many gaps in this list. Please be in touch with the vicar if you can fill in any missing details or can correct any errors.

  • Samuel ALLEN, Glen Road. Died 25.9.15 at Loos
  • Charles BALL, Gladstone Street. Died 29.4.18
  • John BLAND, Kilby Road. Died 7.7.18 at Arras
  • William BROMLEY, Died 11.4.17 at Arras
  • George BROWN, High Street. Died 19.9.18
  • Henry BRYAN, Died 4.2.15
  • Frederick CAPELL, Factory Square. Lost at sea. 3.9.18
  • A CHAPMAN, Died 14.9.18
  • Albert CHAPMAN, Died 15.4.17
  • Arthur CHAPMAN, Died of wounds. 1919
  • H CHAPMAN, Died 14.10.17
  • Thomas CHAPMAN, 26.9.17
  • William CHAPMAN, Died 31.8.16
  • J DEACON, (No further details found)
  • Robert DEACON, Main Street. Died 25.9.16. The Somme
  • William DEACON, (No further details found)
  • Walter FOX, Kilby Road. Moved to Australia 1914 and enlisted from there. Died 26.9.17
  • Eric FREER, Gladstone Street. Died 19.7.16
  • John GAMBLE, Died 9.9.18
  • Leonard GAMBLE, Main Street. Died 26.7.18
  • Maurice GAMBLE, Kilby Road. Died 13.10.15. Loos
  • Thomas GAMBLE, Leicester Road. Died 9.10.17
  • Alonza GARNER, Kilby Road. Died 10.1.17.
  • Albert GREEN, Gladstone Street. Died 14.10.18. Drocourt-Quéant
  • Edgar HARRIS, Gladstone Street. Moved to Canada pre 1914 and enlisted from there. Died 17.9.18
  • William HOWLETT, Highfield Street. Died 21.3.18
  • Harry HUNT, Saddington Road. Died 23.4 17
  • Collis LEE, Victoria Street. 15.4.17
  • James LOOMES, Brookside. (No further details found)
  • Arthur MATTOCK, School Street. Died 14.7.16
  • Robert MATTOCK, School Street. Died 4.6.18
  • Arthur MOORE, Albert Street. Moved to Canada pre 1914 and enlisted from there. Died 2.10.18. Cambrai
  • John NEWCOME, Arnesby Road. Died 23.10.14
  • Thomas NOURISH, Kilby Road. Died 10.12.14
  • Thomas PEBERDY, Gladstone Street. Died 23.1.17
  • Walter PRESTON, The Forge. Died 6.4.17. Buried in Fleckney churchyard
  • James REYNOLDS, Died 8.4.16
  • Edgar SMITH, Died 25.3.18
  • Henry SMITH, Died 2.7.16
  • John STURGESS, Died 29.1.17. Buried in Fleckney churchyard
  • L STURGESS, Died of his wounds. 16.2.19.
  • Arthur WHILE, Gladstone Street. Died 8.10.18. Cambrai

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